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Aura Healing

Our Auras are impacted by the thoughts and actions of our physical existence, our daily lives and the company we keep.  If our auras have been weakened by trauma or substances such as drugs or alcohol, we are more susceptible to absorb the negative emotions, pain and energy of others...

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Etheric Reconstruction can be used to target specific blockages in the energy body. Results and an energetic shifts are often felt straight after this truly powerful healing. The Etheric body has a definite structure; a sparkling bluish/grey web or blueprint which predetermines the way that the physical body manifests and grows. This body holds memory of trauma and past experiences...

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etheric reconstruction

crystal Healing

Crystals have the ability to hold and emit energy vibrations; therefore, they affect our electro-magnetic the energy fields. Our energy fields are made up of the etheric, emotional, mental and physical bodies. The combination of all of these bodies is also known as the aura. Crystal Healing is designed to work with crystals and your own personal energetic structure...

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starseed healing

The Starseed Healing reorganises the positive vibrations surrounding the human body that are lost on a daily basis. This distinctive healing uses crystals, chimes and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonise your body’s energetic systems at 50 different points on the body...

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cord cutting

The Cord Cutting is a powerful yet simple clearing that resets psychic and mental clarity when energetic and emotional ties have been formed. Every time we emotionally respond to a situation or person, an energetic cord is formed. An altercation with a stranger, a conversation with a loved one, a deep kiss, sex, and even a road rage episode; all of these encounters form energetic cords...

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dna activation

The essential question that Metaphysics asks, is “Who am I?“ Exploring and answering this question helps us to return to that which we are, but may have forgotten. The entire universe is made up of vibrating energy expressed in different ways. Every single cell and organ system of your physical body is encompassed and surrounded by its own energy field...

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