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Energetic healing practises are based on the scientific principle that everything in existence is matter vibrating. When we become clearer and live in alignment with how we truly feel and who we truly are, we vibrate at a higher frequency.

Energy healing is a way to delve deeper than the physical in order to heal dis-ease that you might be dealing with, such as anger, stress and anxiety. When not addressed, the energy of these emotions can develop into physical disease. Healings clean the subtle energy systems, just as taking a shower cleans the physical body.

An introduction to energetic healing

These healings help to clear blocks, move past unhelpful habits and limiting thought patterns that stop us from experiencing the magic of life.

You don't have to consider yourself as a spiritual person to benefit from energy healing, just as you don't have to understand the law of gravity in order to fall down. Best approached with an open mind, these healings can help you relax and feel more balanced.

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