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Who is this work suitable for?

  • Psychosexual Somatics® works best for people who are ready to commit to their process of deep change and discovery, which may feel uncomfortable at times. We work at a deep level to uncover unconscious material that is stored in your body: this can be a life-changing process

  • This work is ideal if you are looking to understand yourself at a deeper level and increase your consciousness around the conditioning, wounding and patterns playing out in your life

  • You will gain most from this work if you come to the process with a clear desired positive outcome/goal

  • Psychosexual Somatics® is best suitable for you if you are generally resourced and supported outside of the therapeutic space to deal with the changes that you may undergo in our working process

  • The material you bring to our work may, or may not, be directly related to sex and intimacy. This is an important point! This style of working is not exclusively reserved for people who are experiencing sexual problems, although it can definitely be suitable for that too

  • This style of working is perfect if you are looking to explore how you relate to yourself and the people in your life and any challenges that you face around this. How do you connect to yourself? This is a key question we will explore

  • Psychosexual Somatics® is a relational way of working. During our first assessment session together, we will sense for how we might work together. Just like with any other relationship, it must feel in alignment for both of us

  • In the event that our working together does not feel right for either of us, I would always make a referral. I am in connection with a  network of all different types of practitioners who I wish to support, share with and learn from



If you are currently experiencing any of the below, Psychosexual Somatics® might not be right for you right now:


  • an extreme poor sense of self

  • extreme addiction

  • psychiatric diagnoses

  • long-term depression that you are medicating for

  • pregnancy

  • severe physical conditions such as very high blood pressure, heart disease or infectious disease


Having said all of this, if you are experiencing any of these things, please do still feel free to get in touch so that I may appropriately refer you to someone who can hold space for you.

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