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What i offer

I am facilitating, not fixing you. The best that I can achieve is to act as a clear mirror for you so that you may see yourself and so that you can empower change within yourself. Or maybe right now you're just looking for a space to be held for you to feel safe, seen and listened to. I would aim to create that for you. I am not here to “save” anyone, I am here to journey and explore your gifts and shadows with you.


My mission as a practitioner is to put you into choice: your healing is your own responsibility and you are in control.

You are sovereign

you are the healer

You are the creator



At the beginning of our therapeutic journey together, it would be necessary for us to do an assessment session so that we can see whether it will be possible for us to work together. 



If we do decide to work together, I would create a treatment plan for our sessions based on what we discover about your presenting issue, desired positive outcome and core wounding. This style of therapy is designed to work over a period of maximum six months. You might find it helpful to commit to fortnightly sessions for some time to create a feeling of regularity, trust, and to give you time to integrate your learnings in between sessions. Having said this, there is no set rule about how frequently you would need to take sessions.

Sessions are an hour long and are currently held online.


I offer healing sessions and therapy sessions separately; however, I do feel like the two styles of work really complement and support each other. Therefore, I can advise you on ways in which we can work with both modalities together if that is of interest to you.


Payment for sessions is on a sliding scale starting from £60. further reductions are available on a case by case basis, dependent on income. please reach out to me if you are in need of further support.

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